The Rules

The set consists of 28 coins, one per century, starting from the 21st century, and proceeding backward to the beginning of coinage. The coin chosen for any given century must be unambiguously from that century — an undated coin that, say, was minted at any time from 1375 to 1425 is ineligible to be counted in either the 14th or 15th centuries. Also, the coin chosen for any given century can come from anywhere in the world, but no coin-issuing-entity should be represented more than once in the set. This set does have one Roman, and one Roman Provincial, which does bend the rule slightly, though at least the legend for the provincial is in Greek, rather than Latin.

The Set

21st Century
2011 Dollar
Canada Bust of Elizabeth II / Stylized land, air and aquatic fauna, varieties of flora, park building, hiker and mountain range. 26.4mm.
20th Century
1915 Peso
Cuba National arms within wreath, denomination below / High relief star, date below. Silver, 38mm; KM #15.1.
19th Century
1880-S Morgan Dollar
United States Liberty facing left / Eagle holding arrows and olive branch in a wreath. Silver, 38.1mm; KM #110.
18th Century
1795 6 Florins
Geneva, Switzerland Arms within circle and wreath / Value in center of large radiant sun, date below. One year issue reform coinage. Silver, 33.1mm; KM #110.
17th Century
1618 4 Maravedis
Spain Issued by Philip III. Castle / Rampant lion left. Valladolid mint (aqueduct mintmark). Copper, 20.2mm; KM #14.
16th Century
1578 Schilling
Riga, Latvia Lion's head in front of a city gate; CIVITATIS RIGENSIS / Cross above crossed keys, rosette below; MONE NO ARGENTEA. Silver, 18mm; Fyodorov 620.
15th Century
1471 Kreuzer
Austria Double-headed eagle / Inner and outer crosses. Early dated coin. Wiener Neustadt (Vienna) mint. Silver, 18mm; Saurma 645, Frey-140.
14th Century
1382-1387 Denar
Hungary Issued by Maria of Anjou. Monogram in a circle, legend surrounding / Lorraine cross in a circle, legend surrounding. Silver, 14mm.
13th Century
ca. 1290 Pfennig
Regensburg, Germany Issued by Heinrich II von Rotteneck and Otto III Duke of Lower Bavaria. Bust of Heinrich under an arch / Busts of Heinrich and Otto. Silver, 15.6mm.
12th Century
1172-1185 Denier
Aquitaine Issued by Richard (I) Coeur de Lion. RICARDVS in two lines across field, cross above, ω below / AQVITANIE, cross pattée. Bordeaux mint. Silver, 18mm.
11th Century
1080-1091 (AH 473-484) Half Dinar
Sulayhids of Yemen Issued by Queen Al Sayyida Arwa in the name of her late husband al-Mukarram Ahmad. Dhu Jibla mint. Gold, 18.2mm; Album 1078.
10th Century
907-960 Cash
China Five Dynasties - Southern Han. Ch'ien-heng chung-pao / blank. Lead, 25mm; Schjoth 436, Jen 169.
9th Century
ca. 854-862 Sceat
Kings of Northumbria, England Issued by Aethelred II. King's name, cross in the center / Moneyer's name, five pellets in the center. Copper, 12.6mm; Spink 861 or 864.
8th Century
793 Half Dirhem
Tabaristan Based on the Sasanian style: Crowned bust right, border with crescents / Two attendants flanking a flaming altar, triple border with crescents and dots. Silver, 22.8mm; Marsden 542, Walker 159 XXXIV-15.
7th Century
610 (Year 21) Drachm
Sasanian Persia Issued by Khosrau II. Crowned bust of Khosrau right, double border with 3 crescents / Two attendants flanking a flaming altar, triple border with 4 crescents. Silver, 27mm.
6th Century
527-565 Solidus
Byzantine Empire Issued by Justinian. Bust of Justinian, helmeted, holding globus cruciger and shield / Angel standing facing, holding P-headed cross and globus cruciger. Gold, 23.2mm; Metcalf 358ff.
5th Century
455-467 AD Drachm
India Issued by Skandagupta. Head of king right / Fire altar, Brahmi legend around. Silver, 12.3mm.
4th Century
351-355 Æ
Rome Issued by Constantius II. Diademed draped bust of Constantius II / Roman soldier spearing a fallen horseman who raises an arm in protest. Siscia mint. Bronze, 18.6mm; RIC VIII Siscia 350.
3rd Century
249-251 Tetradrachm
Alexandria, EgyptIssued by Trajan Decius. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right / Eagle on palm right, wreath in his beak. Silver, 25.6mm; Prieur 589.
2nd Century
133-4 Æ (Bar Kochba revolt)
Judea Seven branched palm tree with two bunches of dates; Hebrew below (Simon) / Vine leaf on tendril; Hebrew around (Year two of the freedom of Israel). Copper, 22.4mm; Hendin 708.
1st Century
February, 47 AD Tetradrachm
Parthia Issued by Gotarzes II. Draped and diademed bust left / King enthroned right, Tyche presenting wreath, date (Yr 359) above, month ("Dustrou" - February) in exergue. Silver, 27.3mm; Shore 359, Sellwood 65.
1st Century BC
(100-1 BC)
ca. 79 BC Half-Shekel
Tyre, Phoenicia Laureate head of Melqart right / Eagle standing left on prow, carrying a palm under its right wing, club in field. Silver, 23.4mm.
2nd Century BC
(200-101 BC)
ca. 174-165 BC Drachm
Baktria Issued by Apollodotos I. Elephant standing right; monogram / Zebu bull standing right. Silver, 14.7mm; Bop 4D, MIG 207b.
3rd Century BC
(300-201 BC)
241-238 BC Shekel-Didrachm
Zeugitania, North Africa Libyan Revolt. Diademed head of Tanit/Kore left / Horse standing right. Overstruck. Silver, 23.9mm; SNG Cop 236.
4th Century BC
(400-301 BC)
395-308 BC Stater
Thebes, BoeotiaBoeotian shield / Amphora. Silver, 22.5mm; Sear 2400var.
5th Century BC
(500-401 BC)
ca. 450-400 BC Drachm
Apollonia Pontika, Black Sea area Anchor and crayfish / Gorgoneion. Silver,; Sear 1655.
6th Century BC
(600-501 BC)
Late 6th Century BC Twelfth Stater
Miletus, Ionia Forepart of a lion right, head turned back / Star ornament within an incuse square. Silver, 9.8mm; Sear 3532.
7th Century BC
(700-601 BC)
Pre-Kroisos Third Stater (Trite)
Lydia, Asia Minor Head of a lion facing right / Oblong punch divided into two squares. Electrum, 12.8mm; Sear 3398.